This collection of motion graphics was created for the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts in Vienna, VA during my Summer 2022 Social Media/Multimedia Internship. Each was constructed in different dimensions to fit a variety of social platforms. The ones presented below are all 1080 x 1920 for Tik Tok's platform.
I created the template for the "If you Like_. then you might like_" Til Tok series (shown left) to reflect the informal Tik Tok trend which shares recommendations based on interests. The design maintains the formality of the foundation's brand while using the quick jumps between sections to connect with the informal editing styles of Tik Tok. During my internship I wanted to utilize the original designs from the creatives who work in the production of operatic shows. The video on the right showcases the costume designs for their main characters of "La Traviata" and brings in the piano music from one of their rehearsals. 

To the left: the graphic sought to utilize the distinct graphics produced by Wolf Trap's design team for the summer and fall season in a way that would provide a visual bridge for viewers that encouraged them to continue attending into the fall season. o the right: the graphic advertised a Sing-A-Long event by incorporating the source art into edited background photography of the hills next to the Filene Center.
To the left: Another template series created for Tik Tok, and other social platforms, to introduce  information about the venue to new attendees that summer.  To the right: A short graphic to commemorate the anniversary of the Filene Center, as well as showcase the new wood siding that had just been redone earlier in the year.

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