The phrase “Horror Vacui,” in Latin, means the fear of emptiness. It is the central theme throughout the work presented in an evolving relationship between the self and nothingness. To encapsulate a feeling of existential dread the work utilizes the abstraction of complex emotional states into geometric forms to convey this unsteady relationship between the individual and the void.
The process originated in a wide search of obscure words that defined emotions, more specifically those that defined extremely specific emotional experiences. I came across the work of John Koenig, his website and book The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.attempts to create new words to describe sorrows which everyone may have felt but have not been able to put a name to. I also looked into artworks which deal in the “sublime” in its attempt to capture the smallness of humanity.  As well as high contrast photography, artworks, and interior design/accesories.

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