The animation builds upon the concept of the white page as an abstract, temporal plane that is gradually worked towards over time through the reduction of the complexity of visual elements until all that remains is the empty page. It attempts to visually convey the inner desire to document our own human existence as a method of proving and cementing it as reality. As well as connecting with the idea of multiplicity versus plurality that the main title alludes to. Even More Possibilities: multiple variations branching off. Absorptive Plurality: numerous pluralistic entities assimilating (absorbing) each other.
This project required a lot of work to be put in to breaking down the poem and the essay which it was apart of to generate the contextual environment which it exists in. As well as diving into the word choice and structure of the poem itself to see what could be gleamed from it in terms of unifying factors. Through the investigation of the words which construct this poem a general motif arose that could be summarized within the statement: “I was here.”  The “I” does not refer to the concept “I” as an individual the self, in either the reader or poet,  but a greater human consciousness of what “I” might be and the desire to document that existence it in a multitude of forms.

The overarching question which followed me throughout the development process: How do I visually represent this content through design while not deviating from its core values expressed in the essay regarding visual poetry?

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