About Me
I'm Meghan Romance, a motion designer and artist from Northern Virginia (otherwise known as fake Washington D.C or Richmond's least favorite sibling). I am emotionally, mentally, and physically unable to walk by a bookstore without going inside and leaving with at least one new book. Don't ask if I've finished reading the other on my shelves. In all of my work I love to find new ways of connecting with interesting people and ideas, using visual tools to reflect the personality of a brand or story. My career goals revolve around non-profit institutions such as museums and performing art centers. I have a deep love for these locations as they bring so many things to their patrons from experienced to education. 
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   MyselfMeghan as an Artist
Meghan Romance aims to disrupt commercial conventions within the field of motion graphics to return interpretive power to the viewer through asemic writing. Love for the written word has been a constant throughout Romance’s life; however, over the past four years this relationship drastically evolved into a desire to capture the internal experience of reading in visual form. Her work began with exploring the nature of literary adaptive works and quickly evolved into an exploration of the nature of written language itself. Using this play of written forms to reject the domination of commercial imagery and force her audience into a position of becoming an active viewer to generate meaning based on internal relationships to written forms.
& Things I've Done
Publications | Presentations
Graphemic Expression in Motion Graphics | May 5, 2023 Scad Grad Salon 
Shows | Festivals | Films
Eukaryote (2022) | Digital Graffiti 2023 Finalist
"Encoded" Solo Gallery Show | May 4- 7 2023 Cedar House Gallery Savannah, GA
Thunderwords (2022) | SCAD LaCoste Projections Event 2022 | Digital Graffiti 2022 
Whispers to Dead Paper (2019) | George Mason University Senior Art Show December 2019
Glitched Ballet (2017) | XYZ Group Gallery Show at Olly Olly in Fairfax, VA 2019
Ana, Myself et, Moi (2019) | Title Designer | 
Bring The Pain (2019) | Title Designer | 
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