Brief: Encourage audiences to attend and musicians to participate in the event.
The design for this promotional trailer grew from the inspiration of an article shared on the Washington Women in Jazz Twitter written by the U.S Poet Laureate Joy Harjo. The overall concept connects jazz with the concept of it as a form musical poetry, as well as the purposeful movement of hands by both poets and musicians. When poets engage in recitation or read aloud the motions of their hands is thoughtful and purposeful, another level of performance that enhances the content. This made me think of the recordings from the 2021 festival’s online performances in which you can hear the purposeful click of the keys being pressed. I also wanted to capture a sense of moving forward as the event seeks to give a platform to underrepresented identities in the jazz community, influencing their field and lifting one another up.
In addition to researching the organization I also looked into the some of the sources that have potentially influenced it. For example, looking up women in jazz history and listening to some of their performances. Reading the articles they’ve shared on Twitter to help gain a feeling of their character and values. Looking to both past and present album art, the first interaction anyone will have with music outside of a live performance. Another influence on the development of this promo was forms of visual music as I thought about the overall experience of listening to the music and engagement with it. As well as experiemental music notation that visually mesmerizing and could lend itself well to motion.
Inspiration, Brainstorming, and Treatment 
Storyboarding and Motion Break Down
Project Process

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